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In the world of copy, the saying has been “Content is King.”

The King is Dead

Copy and content must work hard to engage with the reader – with the goal of getting specific results from your next promotion or message. In today’s digital world, we need content and copy to do more – it must connect.  Therefore, the new mantra is…

Content is Connection

Compelling and effective content is essential to defining your message and getting the results you deserve.  You should expect:

  • Clear and concise copy to define and communicate your message
  • Customer focused, benefit-oriented copy to support and create leads or sales
  • Ideas and information to position you, your company or product in the marketplace

When you work with Steve Kellogg, expect that the focus will be on creating impacts and results with the buyer of your service or product.

Steve Kellogg

freelance copy/content writer

& professional services marketing consultant 

Specializing in B2B marketing, professional services marketing, sales letters and any other copy needing a customer focus.

Call today – let’s see what you need and if I can help.



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