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Capital Fund Paves Trend to Alternative Real Estate Lending

MarketWire 2/29/2016

SCOTTSDALE, AZ –(Marketwired – February 29, 2016) – There are an increasing number of good real estate investment opportunities in the Phoenix metropolitan area, where analysts say the market is about 85-percent recovered from the catastrophic economic impact of the Great Recession.


But during boom or bust markets, the one common theme for economic activity is the quest to find the sources of capital to enable investment. Thus, alternative funding methods have expanded to meet the demand for real estate loans by investors and developers. Capital Fund 1 of Scottsdale, Arizona is the number one Private Money lender in this increasingly popular source of funding.


“Our loan process delivers significant advantages over the painstaking and drawn-out process conventional banks must follow,” says Mike Anderson, President and CEO of Capital Fund. “We focus on the real estate asset not the borrower. Next, our sensitivity to customer needs results in our loan process being simple, fast and dependable. Capital Fund underwrites loans based upon an asset’s value instead of a borrower’s creditworthiness, credit score, financial strength or credit history,” Anderson continues. “This is our first advantage — simplifying everything because we underwrite only the real estate asset and not the borrower.”


Now the leading private lender providing funding to real estate investors, developers, builders and individuals in Arizona since it was founded in 2009, Capital Fund is helping as many as 40 investors per month purchase properties. “The process doesn’t have to be hard, it can be simple,” Anderson claims, “because terms are typically structured to satisfy short-term credit needs that are 24 months or less.


For the investor who finds an available property and needs a quick turnaround to secure long term or permanent financing, the 90- to 180-day approval process at a conventional bank can turn a good deal into a missed opportunity.


“Our underwriting process, including funding, can occur in less than 48 hours,” Anderson says. “Capital Fund has built its reputation on delivering personal and quick answers to our customers with guaranteed funding dates established at loan approval.”


Finally, another frequent issue in the process of funding real estate investment loans is assessing whether a deal that seems good one on the surface, is really worth the risk. “Our team at Capital Fund has more than 100 years of combined real estate experience, and those real world insights are tapped to help structure, or analyze the value of any real estate investment opportunity,” Anderson adds.


Despite the differences between a Private Money loan available through Capital Fund and a conventional bank loan, investors frequently use a combination of the two as an overall strategy to finance a project.


“Capital Fund is a dependable, creative funding source with an array of loan programs that can be used together with conventional bank loans to finance properties for both the short and long term,” Anderson concludes.


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