Sales Story (short)

“My daughter will not walk down the aisle with those flowers,” the bride’s mother exclaimed.

I was surprised and astonished. You see, my friend and wedding florist Tony Medlock of PJ’s Flowers had gone over every detail of the floral arrangements weeks before. Since the bride was coming in from out of town for the ceremony, Tony had coordinated everything with her mother. And they had gotten along famously. She even provided a picture showing exactly how the bride’s bouquet was to look. And Tony matched it to a tee.

I share this story because it is one of those things that occasionally happen in the highlycharged atmosphere of a wedding. While the bride was delighted with the bouquet, her mother was disappointed in the color of the roses. She wanted white, rather than the red that had been carefully prepared, along with the perfect look of the ribbons that matched the photo she had sent.

But this was not a time to quibble. Tony rose to the occasion and used the few precious hours left to make the change. As it turned out, all went well, and everyone – especially the mother – was delighted. The ceremony came off perfectly, and the bride’s flowers were just right.

Even with the best of coordination and intentions, your wedding plans can hit a snag, so I recommend you use Tony’s handy “Floral Tips for Brides.” Please get your copy by contacting him at or call (602) 995-4999.

Let’s make sure your wedding flowers are exactly what you want them to be. Relying on a professional like Tony Medlock of PJ’s Flowers, you can feel confident you will be pleased.

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