Video Script

Meet Doctor James. James is a Dentist in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a great dentist, but he is somewhat new to Scottsdale. So, he is not yet well connected in the community and he needs to start generating more business for his new office.


He knows he needs to get noticed, especially locally – but he’s not sure how best to do this at a reasonable cost.  He’s been checking out social media and internet marketing as a means of getting the word out about his new practice, but actually, he just wants to be a dentist and not an internet marketer, too.


Then he discovered a unique approach that positions him in the Scottsdale market in a way he never thought of.  The idea is getting a unique email address that perfectly describes not only what he does, but where he does it.  It’s a potent two for the price of one kind of branding opportunity.


Dr. James decides to investigate further, so he visits the creative folks at 10 Day Media.  After a quick search, they show him the prefect email – it’s…  Not only is it ideal for him, but no one else can compete for this – it is now his, exclusively.


Even better, it takes only a few minutes to have a fully functioning, powerfully branded and positioned email address.


Dr. James is now ready to send and receive emails with his very own address. His new email is powered by Google’s G suite, so it is a fully branded Local email address. It works with all of his devices and is backed by the world class reliability of Google.


Are you like Dr. James?  Are you are very good at what you, but just not getting enough attention? Would you like to get Noticed more? Do you need more referrals and be Remembered?


Use email branding to get more business, more referrals, and unleash the power of Local Search combined with social proof. Be the credible authority in your field in Scottsdale – the only one on


What better way to tell you customers you are a part of the local community than to proudly own the email address:


Take advantage or 10 Day Media’s

 “Local Branding” Package:


  • Immediate Social Proof and Credibility
  • Get more Conversions – Faster Buying Decisions
  • Be Noticed locally – Shift Attention with a memorable name
  • Be Branded as the only “DENTIST, CPA, or LAWYER” in Scottsdale
  • Achieve instant authority


Now Dr. James is getting referrals regularly because everyone remembers him. His email address is a conversation piece wherever he goes. And now because he hands out his Business cards at events, at the grocery store, and anywhere he can easily strike up a conversation.  He is getting to know more customers every day. The return is beyond anything he could ever expect.
If you are a professional and you want to kick your business into high gear, you are in the right place.