What to Expect

What to expect

I write compelling professional copy and content – oriented to your customer – focused on needs and benefits.

Steve Kellogg is ready to provide a variety of writing assignments with special emphasis on business to business, self-help and holistic (mind-body-spirit) markets.

For sales letters and most other materials the Project Data/Agenda is a starting point for identifying goals and key content.

Lead with Benefits

Copy needs to focus on the reader – WIIFM (What’s in it for me)

I’ll help you define your core message and put it into words.

Professional Service Marketing materials and strategies

As a marketing director for a professional service firm, Steve understands the need for focus, clarity and consistency in establishing the image and sales effort for professional services.  There are no great mysteries to marketing professional services.  It simply comes down to:

  • Identifying your potential clients, by name or type
  • Be where the clients are and get involved

This is a process, not a magic bullet.  The key to professional services is to either have a remarkable niche in which there is little competition, or to create trust through familiarity and performance.

Many firms create the typical brochure identifying their services and then passing it out as if it will make the sell.

More is involved.  One of the best ways to differential yourself in the marketplace is to provide a focus on the customer that many professional firms don’t get.  Steve can provide the materials you need, but – more importantly – help you strategize an approach to transform your company into a customer oriented organization.

Focus Areas

  • Helping professional service and consulting firms create and communicate their message
  • Helping create sales and generate business for self help, self improvement, and holistic markets

Here’s the obligatory list of services – how dull.  But it does let you know what to inquire about.





White Paper

Case Study


Press Release, 1-2 pages

Audio Visual or multimedia script



Feature Story

Short Article



Web Pages

Special Reports

Terms: Purchase order or letter of authorization required for all jobs. Copywriting fees for initial projects are payable 50% in advance, balance upon delivery. All revisions must be assigned within 30 days of receipt of copy. Two rewrites are made free of charge unless the revision is based on a change in the assignment made after copy is submitted.